Studebaker & Brackett now ranks No. 1 overall, up from No. 10 in last year’s ratings

SB continues its rise in the national rankings of the top patent law firms based on key metrics by Juristat’s 2018 ratings. The Juristat ranking of the top patent firms considers both volume (including foreign priority applications) and performance.

Juristat is a legal analytics company has the only rankings of U.S. Patent law firms based on those firms’ objective performance before the USPTO:
  • SB is ranked No. 1 overall among U.S. patent law firms based on the number of application filings during the rating period, and a weighted average of allowance rate, office actions to allowance, and time to allowance
  • SB is ranked No. 11 of the top 100 law firms in “Average Time to Allowance”
  • SB is ranked No. 21 of the top 100 law firms in “Allowance Rate”
  • SB is ranked No. 24 of the top 100 law firms in “Average Office Actions to Allowance”

IPWatchdog recognizes SB as one of the Top 10 patent law firms in the U.S. that "Lose the Fewest Independent Claims"
  • SB is ranked No. 4 among U.S. law firms that lose the fewest independent claims by IPWatchdog in October 2015

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